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I too participated in a Cost of Poverty Experience last spring. It completely changed the way I relate with folks in my work with social ministry. It is uncomfortable and unforgettable.

Mike Abegg

Shoot Larry!

Just when I begin to despair that our church's leaders have lost touch with those in need, that they're more interested in making doctrino-political statements, that the Catholic church is no longer "my church" --- you go and post another blog entry that affirms why I stay.

Wish all our leaders could stay as focused on the mission as you.


Thanks for the great work may God reward you abundantly,am Fred Male from Uganda astorch catholic,i also doing the same work here in Uganda inn my village where i stay,helping the poor ones,orphans and old people.

Shoe Deals

It's impossible to end the poverty since a lot of people do not do their part to make their lives better. Plus, the economy is not that god but the government is doing their best. Just my two cents.

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