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I am still not a hundred pcnreet sure if I want to take the pro or negative side for No Child left behind and its impact on failing schools. But I think that after my research, although NCLB has left a strong guideline and started down the right path to achieving a better education system, NCLB has many flaws still that contribute to the failing schools. It has changed the curriculum to be too close-minded on just teaching to the test and reducing time for other subjects not tested. Also, the number one issue with NCLB is funding and the lack of funding that the NCLB gives to the states in comparison to what they promised in accordance with the goals.


On the 19th of January, the last class of my day would be Social and Political Philosophy, a course that fliulfls credits for the application and civic knowledge area of Trinity's CAS General Education curriculum. The current issue that is the focus of the course this semester is civility and political discourse (set back in November as my colleague Steve Gable and I thought about the course we would both be teaching). On the 19th, our first meeting, the students and I sat and listened to President Barack Obama's speech at the Memorial Service in Tucson. When he asked that we live a democracy that would live up to the expectations of that beautiful nine year old who died, I felt the class stir just as I had stirred listening to Kennedy's invitation to service. What moved me then, and moves me now, is the lived rhetoric of engagement in and with our country, our society, with a world we can affect and change to better meet the aspiration we had then and, I hope, we have now: That our moral imagination can conceive a shared vision of a common good that embraces our freedom and our egalitarian respect for each other.It is a privilege to teach our students; they fill me with hope.


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