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Unemployed and over 50

Your book was a great read. What if someone wants to help be that change? Wants to work for Catholic Charities, applies twice for a job that is a match (has Masters degree), no call, no interview, no job, no hope.

JB Tran

I read in the New York Times an article by Laurie Goodstein published on February 11, 2012 stating, “However, the bishops are now facing a potential rift with some of their allies who welcomed the compromise yesterday — including Catholic Charities,…”
Is this correct?
Has Catholic Charities welcome and more importantly, does Catholic Charities support the latest compromise from President Obama?
I thank you for your clarification.

Marilyn Falvey

I think it is a travesty that Catholic Charities agrees with the Obama admin in regards to the HHS dictate towards employer/employee health care coverage of contraceptives, sterilization and abortion. I have donated to the Catholic Charities through the Bishop's Annual Fund but feel I have been duped by your organization. You seem to not have the same moral standards as taught in our faith or lived.

I hope you will change your stance on this issue. The president did a con job on you. One way or another your organization will pay for contraceptives, etc.by raising rates. Passing higher premiums to all employees for the ones that want birth control under the guise of the insurance company paying.

Carol Bralski

I could not believe the statement from the obama administration yesterday that Catholic Charities supports this latest attack on the unborn and the Catholic Church. I will be in touch with my priest, my bishop and the US Conference of Bishops today to clarify this and also ask that all funding from the church towards Catholic Charities be suspended. Shame on you!

Mildred R Bean

Americans are being forced to pay for abortion pills. 55 million innocent children, abortion is the greatest mass murder in world history.

Another part of your seamless garment of betrayal.
Catholic Charities? Forgetaboutit.


Adrienne, that CIA seeris is superb. I've got them all posted on my blog at least once - particularly the ones dealing with CCHD. If they have one specifically on Catholic Charities or CRS, I'd love to know about them as they would have slipped past me.

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