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Frank Bell

In my last post to your blog, I neglected to tell you that the anointed one is a disciple of Sol Alinsky. If you do not know who this man is look up his profile on the web. A few bits of information about good old Sol. He said the Satan was the first radical that won. He worshiped the devil. There is a photo of the anointed one at the blackboard illustrating the principles of this evil man. The anointed one never met Sol in person but he was trained by Alinsky’s fellow travelers. This is the man that your are associated with. What in the name of God are you doing associating with a student of Alinsky, who says that Satan was his hero. Your better start doing your home work with whom you call a friend. Wake up before it is too late
The only thing I can say to you at this juncture is that may God have mercy on your immortal soul.

Joe hoesley

Today, Sunday, February 19th, on Meet The Press, US Representative Von Hollen, a Democrat from Maryland, said that Catholic Charities supports the Obama compromise that will force the Catholic Church to offer contraceptive drugs to employees. CCUSA must do more then post a message on the your website. You must now go into damage control. I can tell you I have over 200 catholic friends that are outraged over your statement last Friday (2-10)' and now angrier that CCUSA has not taken a more aggressive means to stop the lies from Democrats to justify Obama's attack on the Catholic church. Fr. Larry you must act, you must stop this propaganda being promoted by the Obama administration.

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