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Karin Treiber

Fr. Larry,

Thanks for such a practical approach for these 40 days.

Fr. Godswill Agbagwa

You are right Fr. No better time to do more for the poor than this Lent. Quite a shame that so many can't find food, while a few live lavishly. Adopting a poor city is a great idea. I pray that our billionaires consider doing so.

A Facebook User

Fr. Larry,

I read this at the end of Lent, but still timely. I find edifying.

My commitment was to publish 40 posts on my blog by the end of this Lent

I will be wedding on 14th April just after Easter, and my dream honeymoon is to go and volunteer on an orphanage, a home to 40 disadvantaged children. This orphanage is at risk of closing due to lack of supplies, but what would be the fate of these children then? This is why I find it necessary to go spend my honeymoon with the Children and Directors at this orphanage to give the courage that they now need most.
We will carry some items of course, and readers of your blog are very much welcome to donate.
Details are here

Peace and Blessings.


I'm as eager as anyone to dcriesn what went wrong, but this isn't the time for it. All I know is that the situation should have been handled better, but I don't ally with arguments that try to smear the President or the local authorities. You may find a summary of helpful to illustrate the grey boundaries between federal and local authority in cases of emergency. My point is simply that I'm not getting drawn into the discussion about who is at fault. Partisans seem most interested in assigning or deflecting blame right now. It isn't interesting to me.However, I do think it is helpful for people to understand why poor people stayed in New Orleans. I'll jump to the punch line: welfare checks arrive at the beginning of the month and nearly everyone, but especially the poor, are lower on funds in the last week of the month. The hurricane came at a time when the poorest were at a disadvantage. I'll admit that I harbored some blame the poor ideas when this disaster first hit. It helped me to get a good reminder about the world in which they live and to take a moment to empathize. That is all I ask of readers in this entry.

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