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Bill H

Let's work harder to rebuild the dream of Jesus Christ.

Is there a single example of Jesus Christ giving an award to anyone let alone a proponent of murder?

Why is it then that Catholic Charities decides to honor the mayor of DC who is a well known and enthusiastic supporter of abortion and gay marriage?


Centuries of slavery and diamricinstion. We are improving through every decade but recessions such as the Great Recession that we just experienced adversely affect the poor disproportionately. In addition, as a result, some middle class people fall into poverty due to job losses and loss of savings.No one sensible expects the ill effects of past diamricinstion to disappear quickly but the improvements in the African American community have been fairly steady. As Vernon Jordan pointed out, however, at the National Urban League Conference last July, there is a gap growing within the African American community between the middle class and the poor. It must be addressed. Education has to be the focus. The jobs of most Americans are being threatened by globalization. The emphasis has to be on training for the jobs of the future, not just for African Americans, but for all Americans.Edit: I am African American and it never ceases to amaze me how blatantly racist some of the conservatives are regarding questions and answers on YA about African Americans. What does this accomplish?

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There’s something really special about those sugar maples in northwestern Mass. I am excited to try Maggie’s find from Williamstown, so if I don’t win, I’ll just have to send myself a nifty care package from Eat Boutique! Oh, and yesiree, I am indeed making that pie. It’s a beauty.

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