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Brian Corbin

Thanks for sharing your ideas and struggle with us. There are several people here in Youngstown, including our Congressman Tim Ryan, who are also participating in this week. We will be having a public viewing of a film on Monday, November 7 with a panel discussion of our week's efforts.


My husband and I will be joining this challenge as well, Father! Thank you for leading by example.

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Father, many Americans eat like this all the time without the benefit of public assistance, my family does. My husband works full time (at Safeway, meat department) and I'm a recent college graduate looking for work. We don't eat meat or go out to restaurants because we can't afford it. I don't purchase processed foods because they are too expensive. I cook from scratch, we eat whole foods. Seeds are cheap so I grow some vegetables in our tiny garden. We're healthy and we are better off eating this way. I shop at a local food wholesaler that is open to the public for deals such as a 25 pound bag of rice for $12.00, I buy 5 pounds of lentils for $3.00. With less money, you have to get creative. I shop in Oakland, CA where everything is expensive. I can still find good deals even in a big city. I think people need to learn how to cook and get back to simple living. It is possible, even in Oakland. BTW, I make amazing soups in my crockpot with lentils, rice, fresh or frozen vegetables, dried onions, Mrs. Dash seasoning, and water. Add some bread from the local budget bakery and that's a very inexpensive dinner. No reason for people to go hungry, especially if they have help in the form of food stamps. With $94.50 per week for the three of us, that would make my shopping so much easier...I spend far less money on food than that.


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