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Gail Pfeiffer

I read your statement regarding the 'compromise' that President Obama announced on Friday, 11, 2012. I had to see with my own eyes whether the Wall Street Journal article was correct in saying that Catholic Charities was now 'okay' with the changes presented by the President this past Friday... that it is perfectly okay for the government to mandate all insurance companies to cover the morning after pill and sterilization &contraceptive abortifacients for 'free', just so long as Catholic Charities gets 'off the hook" by not being required to 'pay' for it for their employees. Your tepid and seeming approval of the 'change' was quite disheartening.

Do you really believe that this is free and you are not cooperating with evil? This is a money laundering game and I am afraid that Catholic Charities has been duped.

Catholic Charities should be ashamed that they have undermined the Catholic Bishops who stood up for you and all religious believers against this affront to religious liberty. No one, whether they be owners/stockholders of insurance companies, companies who are self insured, or individual small business owners, should be mandated to provide or buy something that is against their conscience. This little trick does nothing to protect our religious liberty and in fact, it makes it worse. I can't believe that Catholic Charities finds President Obama's 'change' acceptable in any way.

This is a line in the sand and we must stand up to this tyranny against religious freedom. If we fail to do this now, there will be no end to it. I am saddened that Catholic Charities has folded without a whimper. Do you not realize that there was absolutely NO CHANGE to the regulation finalized on Friday in the federal register in spite of what the President said in his speech? The regulation requires religious entities and citizens to 'apply' for the right to be considered religious and have religious liberty. Consider that statement. The Bill of Rights that protects our expression of religion is now subject to whether the Obama Administration allows one to be defined as 'religious'. It is appalling that you are not outraged for yourselves and for your fellow believers in Christ.

Catholic Charities needs to continue to help the poor and downtrodden, but at what cost? Have you no courage? Are you so afraid of not receiving federal monies or of being 'punished' by the government that you cannot stand for truth? I think St. Thomas More would be ashamed.

I hope and pray that Catholic Charities will not become more or less just another government social agency and lose the meaning of name 'Catholic'. I pray fervently that this will not occur, but I pray even more that you will stand up with courage and stand against this mandate no matter how it is sugar-coated. I, like many, have stood with you and look to you as a model because we all need to be courageous in this difficult time.

Please reconsider your statement about this mandate. Stand firm with the Catholic Bishops against any regulation that makes sterilization, contraception and abortifacients a 'preventive service' mandated by the government. Make it known that you stand with all who have a religious and concientious objection to these products and that semantics and word games will not be acceptable.

Please know that these criticisms are said with a heavy heart but in love.
Your sister in Christ

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