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Jackie Waterin-Trough



thugs. I thank God that the National Guard and other American soldiers reanfired from returning fire. Regardless, civilians are NOT qualified to perform Search and Rescure operations in hot zones even if the enemy are American thugs.* FEMA (and other Federal Authorities) *cannot* get involved until the Governor specifically requests it. This is a (potenitally legitimate) hold over from the Civil War. The LA Governor was probably too busy crying in press conferences to actually initiate these requests.* The State/Local authorities had the resources (aka buses) and the written plan to evacuate the city, but they failed to implement it even *before* communcaitions broke down. Instead, individuals stole the buses and rescued their neighbors. Theft is bad, but letting people die is worse.Now personally, I disagree with most of what Guiliani stands for but on 9-11 and immediately after, it seemed like he had things under control and *most* of the people working under him from the police precinct all the way up seemed to have a clue on how to operate somewhat independently. When he made public statements, he inspired confidence and managed to rally the men on the ground


KC,I still don't see what this has to do with empathizing with the poor, but I'll bite ahoynw. The government response was an utter failure by every metric I know of. If I had to choose a word to describe it, I would choose indifference. Before you claim that the failure is a sign of flawed liberal policy, consider for a moment the budgetary restrictions of FEMA in the past five years and the questionable credentials of the conservative appointed director of the agency. If that isn't enough, it is a curiosity to compare the prompt action surrounding the five hurricanes last year in Florida with this one incident. Doctors and aid worker testimonies paint a picture of disorder and apathy unrivaled by anything they have seen. I'll let other more skeptical people align these different events on the electoral calendar.


When civil society beraks down, thugs and murderers rise up. The people of NOLA certainly decry the violence of these awful citizens who denigrate the city. BUT New Orleans is not full of people like that, many of the people evacuated were victims of these gangs of thugs. It is folly to ascribe to the whole city the actions of a few. Finally the fight for survival will bring out the worse in some people. I am so grateful to the Coast Guard who got it together early to save lots of people and the people who serve in the National Guard (and other branches) who convoyed into the city and offered hope to so many people who were simply following orders last week.


No, I don't think you're sanctioning anhnyitg.I think the evacuation was a time/place where state/local government intervention was REQUIRED to serve and protect .This is the definition of the social safety net that Liberals scream for and the government has demonstrated once again that they are inept, incompetent, and generally unprepared to provide even that.This could have been a chance for government to shine instead hundreds and even thousands of lives were lost due to government inaction and incompetence.

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