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Why do we continue to be amazed that more people are relying on the Church, Welfare and charity, when the positions we espouse are killing productivity? We can train people to the point that they can do anything and everything, but if you promote policies that deter risk takers from creating or expanding businesses who in turn provide jobs, there will be no jobs for these well trained people to apply their talents.


Why do we continually rely on the Government to take care of us? Extending unemployment benefits does nothing to create jobs (not work) and only serves to take more from those who produce to a point that they are no longer able to assist where they can do most good, their church and community.


Showing a slow moving sttsiatic over such a short time is misleading, why did you choose to only go back to 2004, 6 years of data is an odd number? Could it be that you didn't want to include the data from the early Bush years that showed the rapid increase in unemployment started in 2000 (around the time the housing bubble burst), which then slowed by around 2004 and then accelerated again around 2008 (when the banking system imploded with fraud)? Cherry picking an oddball number of years is a sign that your twisting the data to make a point and based on a lot of the comments I'd say you're playing to the right. What would we see if you took it back 9 years or better yet 50 years? Having spent a large part of my professional life as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS, Mapping software) programmer I have a real love of Maps and how they can inform people with a single glance. It always saddens me when I see someone using them to mislead instead. Whether intentional or not, this map is obviously painting a picture that people on the far right will use to confirm their belief that the Obama administration is the cause of the unemployment uptick when in fact he inherited the sliding economy from his predecessor who inherited it from his predecessor and the real cause of the increasing unemployment may have predated them all. Raw data displayed in a map like this is cool but without the professional analysis and interpretation of what it means, it's just begging to be misinterpreted.


All thanks to the osicourutng of US jobs, the manufacturing of US products overseas. The Einsteins that be thought it would be great to replace skilled workers with cheaper labor to product less expensive products, that we'd eventually pay MORE for, while those displaced workers took unemployment checks, couldnt afford their mortgages or health care (which is not being taken advantage of via the a good crisis should never be wasted' postulate). And, other workers who eventually DID find employment are asking if you want extra creme in that latte or fries with your order. The result? Your bleeding nation and it IS a perfect depiction of what is going on as it represents each of us, individually.

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